004. Almost Three Months…

I cannot believe that in six days my baby girl will be three months old!  Time really does fly by..  Olivia has grown so much since her birth and has learned so much.  Here is what happened with Olivia at two months:

  • She can roll belly to back.
  • She can say Hi, Hi-lo (trying to say hello), and da (only once and to Dave.)
  • She eats 4-5oz every 3-4 hours (except at night..)
  • She sleeps usually from 9pm to 4am then eats and sleeps until 8am.
  • She had her first fall off the bed.. luckily she is okay and not hurt, just scared.
  • She went to her first wedding (on the day she turned 2 months)
  • She can hold her neck and chest up during belly time for almost a minute and can lift her hips.
  • She wants to stand up all the time or if sitting, she has to sit like a big girl.
  • She laughs a lot (like when im working out..)
  • She can grab items (like my hair and her toys) and she can swat at items.

On a different note.. I have some recipes and stuff to add to this.  I haven’t been updating due to migraines thanks to the birth control I have inside me.  Since I had my Mirena put in ive had over 7 migraines in a month, three of which were last week.  Im one of the special people that when I get a migraine I get sensitivity to light, sound and smells, extreme head and neck pain, nausea with occasional vomiting.  When it reaches a certain point no pain relievers work.  Yeah this is not fun especially with a two month old.  I have to be able to take care of her!  Unfortunately, my insurance though welfare got cut because “two months is the postpartum period” and now I’ll have to pay out of pocket to have it taken out.  I really wish they would have looked at my file or giving me the paperwork for the Mirena before my appointment to have it placed, so I could have told them that I get migraines.


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