015. Almost Seven Months..

There is a nasty little bug going around and of course my family has to get it (thanks Dave!).  So, Olivia officially has her first cold.  The poor baby’s nose is stuffy :(.  She’s actually pretty happy at the moment lol. I thought she was going to scream and cry until she feels better, but nope shes a trooper with a smile on her face.  My sinuses felt like they were going to explode out of my face for a few days.  Thankfully were all sick now because in two weeks Dave has a vacation and we will be visiting our hometown for a few days!  I always love going home and seeing everyone.

Any who, this month was a big month for Olivia.  Not only was it her half birthday (which was on my birthday!) but, she has grown so much…

  • Olivia learned to sit up on her own (on the day she turned 6 months)
  • She is officially crawling!
  • She is using everything in site to pull herself up to stand.
  • She doesn’t like to sleep that much anymore (*sigh* I miss those days..)
  • She sleeps from usually 8pm-6am with waking up several times yelling and looking for a binkie.
  • She has now added blueberries, apricots, juices, and grapes to her diet.
  • She rides in the shopping cart like a big girl.


I really need to pay attention to this blog more.  Sometimes its difficult because I have to watch Olivia like a hawk since shes crawling and getting into EVERYTHING!  I have so much stuff I want to post and will post it! After this cold goes away I plan on getting in shape and eating clean.  Kelsey Byers and her blog really put things into perspective for me.  She says:

CARDIO: The most efficient time for fat burning is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach OR in the evenings after weight. Reason: When you wake up, your body’s glycogen storage is depleted, allowing you to burn fat instantly. As the day goes on and you eat, your glycogen storage builds up. You must burn the glycogen before you can burn fat. This is why lifting weights BEFORE evening cardio is best for fat burning. By the time you lift for 30 min or so, you have burned the glycogen and can immediately start burning fat.”

This made total sense to me so now I  will be doing cardio at 5am and again after my strength training in the pm. Check out her blog she is awesome!


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