019. Updates and Stuff

I’m hoping this new design to my blog will make me post again.  I have been so tired lately and have very little energy so I haven’t been doing much of anything but taking care of Olivia.  I found out when I was pregnant that I am anemic and should be taking iron daily.  I stopped taking it for a while and I think that’s one of the reasons why I have no energy.  I started taking the iron pills again and I seem to have a little more energy.  Another issue I am having is most night Olivia doesn’t sleep through out the night and when she does sleep all night I am waking up at the times she is normally awake.  I miss the days when Olivia was 0-4 months and slept all night.. sigh.  This lack of energy and lack of sleep for Olivia is really throwing off my working out which is throwing off my diet.  Right now I’m trying to find balance in my life.

I still can’t believe that my little princess is walking.  Shes getting better at it everyday!  I teared up the first time I saw her take steps.  I put her on the floor and she stood there and she was whining because she wanted to be picked up and I took a few steps away from her to open the curtains and I said “come here Livy” and she started taking steps towards me.  She took 6 total and that was the first time she took steps without someone holding her hands.  I am so proud of her.

Tomorrow we are heading to the mall so Olivia can see Santa.  I wonder how she will react…  I am thinking shes going to look up at him and try to grab his beard lol.  



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