011. DIY: Infinity Scarf

I have been feeling really creative lately.  Im liking this little kick.. haha.  I wanted to wear a scarf today but the only one I own is a Lane Bryant one that is really cute and colorful but its way long.  I looked on pintrest for how to make a scarf out of a shirt and I found a pretty simple one.  If you want to do this, all you need is scissors and an old shirt.

          Step one: Lay shirt on a flat surface.

          Step two: Cut off bottom hem of shirt straight across.

          Step three: Cut under the sleeves straight across.

See isn’t that easy!  You take the middle part and open it and place around your neck and you have an infinity scarf.  Pictures to come later.
Dinner tonight is going to be crab cakes.  I made this recipe once before for my hubby but today I am making this for my parents as well.  If  I get their seal of approval on a recipe Ill probably post it tomorrow.  I am not too much of a seafood fan but I do sometimes like crab.  Im trying to debate what else I should serve with the crab cakes.  Im thinking a shrimp scampi.