017. Happy October!

Ahh it is finally my favorite month!  Since this is my favorite month, I decided to kick my diet into high gear.  I am 100% fully motivated and dedicated to getting healthy.  Yesterday I spent my day prepping foods for the next 4 days.  I am dedicating my rest days, Sunday and Thursday, to food prep.  Heres what I made and my food log for the next few days:

  1. 5 egg whites, 1/4c oatmeal with 1/2 banana, and 1/2c cantaloupe
  2. 4 Pumpkin Protein Bars
  3. 4oz Chicken Breast, 1/4c. Quinoa, 1/2c. Broccoli
  4. 2 Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, 1/2c brown rice, veggies
  5. 3 Egg Muffins, 1 rice cake with peanut butter
  6. Orange Banana Protein Smoothie

Always remember that losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% working out.  Also, that abs are made in the kitchen 🙂

I have also came up with a workout plan.  Since I have to be awake by 5 to make my hubby his coffee for the morning and lunch for the day, I decided that from the time he leaves which is 515ish until he arrives at work which is about 550ish, that I will use that time to do my cardio.  After my cardio I can eat my first meal and then shower before my daughter wakes up.  I have tried to do my cardio and strength training together while she was awake, but recently shes been cranky and crying so I couldn’t workout.  He offer to take Olivia at 7pm so I can do my strength training and a short cardio afterwards.  That means I will finish my last meal at 8.  I am really excited about this!  Here is my strength training schedule:

  • Monday- Shoulders and Abs
  • Tuesday- Legs and Glutes
  • Wednesday- Chest and Triceps
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday- Back and Biceps
  • Saturday- Legs and Glutes
  • Sunday- Rest


012. Cleaning Up the Diet

Okay so I have a confession to make.. I haven’t been eating clean or healthy lately :x.  Bad Bad Michelle!!  I have felt the toll eating unhealthy has taken on my body, so starting tomorrow I will be back on my eat clean diet.  This means more veggies, no white flour, no excess sugar, NO SODA,  no processed foods, no artificial colors or flavors, etc.  I will be eating 5-6 small meals a day 2.5-3 hours apart.  Ive started walking with Olivia again and we will be continuing on non rainy days and I will be adding back in strength training.  I really have been slacking on both eating and working out.  A huge wake up call for me was today my daughter watched me put a couple baked potato chips in my mouth then watched me drink a soda.  The second I put down my drink I felt ashamed and awful at the message I am sending my daughter.  I should be a positive role model to her and show her a healthy active lifestyle.  I use to feel proud when she would watch me workout and she would try to do crunches with me.  Hopefully this will be the last time I will be posting that I am starting a diet again!

On a different note.. My family really enjoyed the crab cakes!  My dad is sometimes tough to please when it comes to food and he told me how much he liked my crab cakes.. woo hoo!  Tomorrow will be a recipe post!

006. Trying to Be Healthy…

Ive been trying my hardest to eat healthy and workout more but that’s been a challenge for me.  I know I need to knock off  the excuses and do it!  I need to start getting healthier not just for me but for my daughter as well.  I want to be a positive role model for her.  She already looks up to me.. Just the other day I held my foot up in the air, which is a sign for my husband that I want a foot massage and she was laying next to me and she did the same thing to him.  It was so darn cute!   Starting Monday no more excuses!

Ive been looking up healthy recipes and I found some on this website.  I wanted a good recipe for a protein smoothie and I found one on that website, but I modified it a little.  This smoothie is totally delicious!  It tastes like an Orange Julius.

Orange Banana Protein Smoothie


  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 c orange juice
  • 1/2 c vanilla almond milk
  • 1 Tb sugar free fat free vanilla pudding mix
  • stevia for taste
  • 5-6 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients in a blender.

003. Healthy Me

I am starting my Healthy Me plan today and hopefully sticking to it.  I am calling it the Healthy Me plan because sometimes if you refer to it as a diet you can set yourself up for failure.  Also, this  is about not only weightloss but being happy with the inner me as well.  My goal is to lose 50 lbs by Halloween, to find confidence in myself, to not eat so much crap to reduce migraines and upset tummies.  Im not just doing this for me but also for my daughter.. I want to be a positive role model for her.  Its strange, I usually only walk with other people but I wont let anyone else see me strength train or dance but now I have to have my daughter in the room with me when Im working out.  Its fun giving her tummy time while i do ab workouts.

Im not going to jump into cutting out everything negative from my diet, I tried that before and failed on week two.  Before I got pregnant, I lost 40 lbs in 3 months.  I changed my diet slowly starting with small weekly goals.  Thanks to those darn food cravings I picked back up eating the things I cut out.  My goals for this week are :

  1. No more soda (not even diet)
  2. Add more fruits and veggies to my meals
  3. No more fried foods

Hopefully I will be successful with these goals, especially the soda!  Here is a good article to read about soda!  When I first quit drinking soda, I ended up losing 4 pounds in my first week!!

Creating a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness.  Not only is cardio important for a workout plan but strength training is as well.  Creating lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories.  This is the strength training plan I created so far:

  • Monday- Legs, Butt, Back
  • Tuesday- Arms, Shoulders, Chest
  • Wednesday- Abs Only
  • Thursday- Legs, Butt, Back
  • Friday- Arms, Shoulders, Chest
  • Saturday- Abs Only

I will be posting more on here about my Healthy Me plan and other fitness and nutrition facts 🙂